333 Blonde Ale

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333 Blonde Ale

The goal with this beer was to make a very light colored, light bodied, highly aromatic beer. Using equal parts Maris Otter, 2-row, and wheat malt, I was able to achieve most of that. The highly aromatic part came with the choice of hops and their additions to the boil.

The first thing I noticed with this beer is it’s wonderfully light color and foamy white head. It poured beautifully into it’s glass. Upon closer inspection, aka, drinking the beer, I was hit with it’s strong aroma. That was a good sign. The aroma passed from my nose right into my mouth as I took the first sip. This is not an overly bitter beer, but is definitely a beer led by hops. It’s body is light and supports the aroma. There is a slight hint of maltiness that comes through just after the initial blast of hops, which is directly followed by the smooth liveliness of the hops. The hops sit on your tongue to remind you that you are not done and need to take another sip.

I was completely pleased with this beer. It always amazes me when I set a particular goal for a beer and then it turns out like I planned. Maybe I’m amazed by that because it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. At any rate, this one came out just as I wanted it. Light colored, light bodied, lively aroma, and fun to drink. And this hits the spot.


333 Blonde Ale

OG: 1.040
FG: 1.005
ABV: 4.67%
IBU: 23
SRM: 3

3 lb. 2-row
3 lb. Maris Otter
3 lb. Wheat
.55 oz Belma (10.4%aa) @ 50 minutes
.4 oz. NZ Motueka (6.4% aa) @ 15 m inutes
.4 oz. Tettnanger (5.3% aa) @ 5 minutes
1 tsp. Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
Safale US-05 American Ale yeast
Safale S-04 English Ale yeast

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