My goal for 2014 is to brew 100 gallons of beer.┬áIn order to reach my goal, I’ll have to share my beer. I’m not sure I could possibly drink 100 gallons of beer and still be competent at work. I also can’t legally sell my beer to maintain my hobby. But maybe I can get some friends to help me out a little.

It works like this. You give me money to help me buy things like yeast, hops, and barley. I become happy and brew lots of beer. As a thank you, I share my beer with people I’m thankful for. Everyone wins.

Sounds good rignt? This is your chance to score some delicious home brewed beer. Help make a homebrewer happy. Sponsor a homebrewer today. Or next month. Or the month after that. Some time this year. Or any time really.


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