Poha Berry Dark Saison At Honolulu Beerworks

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Remember that Poha Berry Ale I made back in January of 2014? It was quite an amazing beer made with poha berries from the Big Island. So it’s no surprise to me that in a collaboration between Honolulu Beerworks & Stillwater Artisinal, they’ve decided to also use poha berries from the Big Island. Sadly, this article was from March and the likeliness that they still have this amazing sounding beer available is zero. It would have been awesome to try this unique beer.

The collaboration started a few weeks prior with emails and phone calls back and forth between Seideman and Strumke as they tried to figure out what type of beer they would brew and what ingredients would be needed. Seideman and Campbell came up with the idea of using poha berries from the Big Island in the beer. From there they decided that a dark saison would be a great base for the slightly tart and acidic berries to be blended with. This is the first dark saison brewed at Honolulu Beerworks and to everyone’s knowledge it’s also the first time poha berries have ever been used in a commercial beer.

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Collaboration Number 1 – Honolulu Beerworks & Stillwater Artisanal