Happy Brew Years

Posted By on Jan 9, 2014 | 0 comments

The year has started. I have my first sponsor and a bag of Poha berries. I spent this past Sunday brewing my first batch of beer in 2014. I brewed a Poha berry California Common. It was interesting using the Poha berries. I’m still not sure how it will effect the flavor or bitterness. Should be interesting. I’ve also re-used some yeast from my last batch of beer. It’s currently bubbling away in the fermenter, so all is well there. I went back to creating the recipe on paper instead of relying totally on my iPhone app. The numbers seem to be matching up so far. OG was only off by 1 point. Weather-wise, it was nice and sunny for the first half of the day. There was a slight wind that kept putting out my burner. It was a very nice brew day. At least until it started raining really hard just as I was starting cooling the wort. Luckily I had my tent up and the beer seem to have come away unscathed. Overall a pleasant brew day and a good start to the 100 gallon year.