Homebrewer’s Journal

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In the past, I’ve used BrewPal┬áto create and keep track of my recipes. This works fine until my phone runs out of battery, dies, updates, or just feels like forgetting all my recipes. I was given this Homebrewer’s Journal for Christmas and have used it for the past 4 or 5 brews. It’s really handy. Not only does it keep track of recipes, but gives me space to document each brew from beginning to end. Everything from were the ingredients fresh, weather on brew day, and Gravity readings, to why I chose the ingredients, the story behind the beer, and what the final beer taste, smells, and feels like. It’s great. I recommend that any home brewer get some sort of real paper journal for their beer documentation.

Homebrew Journal



And there’s this. A quick summary of what the beer brewing process is. Grain, boil, ferment, bottle, then drink. So there are a few details missing such as hops, readings, mashing, cooling, carbonation, and so forth. But those are the basics. Just thought I’d share.