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After two weeks of no beer activities, I had a little catch-up to do. I bottled the American Stout I brewed two weeks back. It is intended for Zenny’s birthday / St. Patrick’s day so I needed to get on it. Then, to keep on schedule, I brewed up another batch of beer.


As sort of a leftover batch of beer, I ended up with an american Scottish heavy, not that that is an actual style. On Saturday, I drove all the way to Homebrew in Paradise just for 6 lb. of malt extract and 1 lb. of specialty grains. The rest is all leftovers.

From 8 to 10, I bottle the stout. From 10:30 to 3, I brewed up my beer. The family was out, so I was able to focus and really enjoy just paying attention to beer. It’s times like this, I’m able to just get into the zone.